Wind, sea, boat and sails, a compact, diffuse whole, without beginning or end, a part and all of the universe…. my own universe, truly mine.

Bernard Moitessier

Sometime, dreams come true!
I’m out here to test myself,  to grow, to learn and realize a dream – to dig through this world in search of life’s lessons because in the landscape of each and every human imagination lies a special place.
My inner compass keep pointing me towards this spot, which is magnetic, mysterious, exotic, and alluring but, alas, always fringed by the frontier of my fears.
Still, it is to this specific place that I’m compelled to travel in order to know myself and in so doing, call my lives complete.
I’m here in search of wholeness, for in our chests, hiding just beneath each breath lies a hollow, and always it has cried out to be filled.
Traveling under sail has provided me the opportunity to connect deeply with the people, places and elements I encounter.
I’m taking my time, becoming a part of the landscape instead of just observing it.
This is just the beginning of a life-altering expedition and I’m excited to share my progress with you.