Mr. Ted

Ted return home yesterday!
Edward Vickery will remain forever engraved in my memory and on Lolita’s record.
I remember receiving him in Portimão, a kid with short hair and very pale lol


Almost 10 weeks later and 3,981.4 nautical miles navigated he showed himself to be a person with excellent qualities, both, as a sailor and as a man.

Ted trip.jpg

Always available and committed to all work on board.
Their ability to communicate, as well as to convey and teach others their knowledge in the art of sailing was been very important to the rest of the crews with less experience and very important for our sucess.

His ability to moderate more complex situations in the relationship between crews members (normal on such long journeys as this one) reveal another wonderful skill on him.

I’m sure this experience will be engraved in your memory and make you a better man, a sailor!

Ted, I wishes you all the happiness and successes of the world. In your personal life, as well as professional life, especially with Hook Sailing.

All the best and fair winds my friend
Capitain – Eurico Corvacho




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