Las Palmas – Mindelo

Sailed miles – 889 nm (1,645 km)
Engine miles (without wind 29/10/2018) – 40 nm (74 km)
Sailing miles – 849 nm (1,571 km)
Maximum speed – 14 knots (26 km / h) surfing
Average ride – 6.17 knots (11.43 km / h)
Engine hours (charge batteries) – 30
Fuel consumption – 40 l
Water produced on board – 600 l


All ans look forward to returning to sail. Sailors have these things, being in their natural environment, the sea.

The rest in Las Palmas was important to restore energy and plan the trip.
The logistics issue was a very important aspect. I do not want to say that the leg up to Cape Verde is very big, but most of the purchases made in the Canaries were to think of the two legs that follow, to Mindelo and the next one to the Caribbean.
In Las Palmas the food supply is much quality than Mindelo and the prices are much lower.
Lidia, with her long experience of chef on board yachts, has taken on this task.
His experience was equally important in stowing the large amount of food.
In Cape Verde you will have to buy frtesh vegetable and fruit.


Lolita has been revised, cleaned and prepared to cut the waters.


All ready!

Sunday, October 28th the day was born gray and calm.
Preparations began for the departure. By 09:00, still at the marina, began to blow some wind that was growing. Half an hour later we started the maneuvers to drop the moorings.

The marina exit was quiet, but Neptune berated us for staying so long on land. As we begin to hoist the sails, the wind grows to over 25 knots accompanied by a water spout.
Nothing to intimidate the excellent crew we have, but I confess that we were not waiting and we were in summer clothes, we ended up getting wet to the bone. Fortunately it was not cold.




Finally on our route to Cape Verde, we felt the excitement on board.


Neptune ended up being generous after the punishment and presented us with a wind and sea that leaves any sailor satisfied.


Lolita surf at 6 knots and the first fishing line was launched.
Bingo! Still with the Gran Canaria from the stern we picked up our first tuna.

A beautiful specimen that fed us several meals. Our chef Lidia made several recipes and preserves.

m atum cortado.jpgm atum a secar.jpg


The crew is accustomed to being at sea.
After a few days on the ground we end up resenting our return to the roll of the boat.

Sometimes comes a more daring wave and there comes the consequence, disaster in the kitchen, all through the air. Whoever walks in the sea knows what these things are like. Without great consequences, a fall from the cook and a slight burn the Hessel. Both recovered and more importantly, we saved the lunch ….
Cleaning, cleaning and more cleaning. There was fat on the floor, which is very dangerous. As always was the team work and everything went back to normal quickly.

On the third day of travel and against all expectations we stayed 8 hours without wind. Our muscled Yanmar showed his fiber and worked tirelessly. With so much energy we ended up replenishing fresh water with the water maker working perfectly.

Gradually the crew enters the routines of the trip, rooms, rest, eating, baths of sea water, finally the normality of life on board at crossings.

m grupo

There followed an excellent day, a beautiful sun to die, no wave and a generous wind of 14 knots.
Finally we launched the parasail. Beautiful experience and a great tuning job from Ted. Lolita sails at 7/8 knots.
Ted’s experience in the sailboat competition was very useful for making a profit from this very peculiar sail.
We will have to train more, but in fact what is not lacking is time. Let’s see if weather permits. Wind more than 20 knots is not advisable to launch the parasail.

Lidia was in charge of feeding the crew and managing the kitchen. She was relieved to make watchs.
He was relentless and presented us with a deluxe menu. We never repeated a meal!


On the evening of October 30 we became more apprehensive with another underwater mountain. In the leg of Portimão for the Canaries a similar one did embark water in the cokpit.
23 ° 50 ‘18.00 “N
020º 43 ‘54.00 W
Here is Mount Tropic. A small hill with 3,244 meters of height, we passed from a depth of 4,206 meters to 962 meters.
Luckily this time the sea was calm and did not make itself felt.


Twice a day we download the weathered gribs that are loaded into our Weather 4D navigation software via Iridium. A complement to the valuable work done by our earth man João Costa

We have 3-hour rotating watch rooms, which allow the crew to enjoy the various moments of the day in the sea that are of a unique beauty, the sunset, the starry sky with its shooting stars, the sunrise, visit of dolphins or the immensity of the sea without land in sight or any other vessel.
Very special moments that each crew member lives his way.


On the fourth day of navigation we entered the trade winds. This is our freeway to the south.
The consistency of these winds is wonderful which allowed them to chart a direct route to Mindelo. They spent four days making only slight rim on the sails and the Lolita in averages over the 6 knots and many surfaced acimados 10 knots. Wonderful!


On the fourth day of navigation we entered the trade winds. This is our freeway to the south.
The consistency of these winds is wonderful which allowed them to chart a direct route to Mindelo. They spent four days making only slight rim on the sails and the Lolita in averages over the 6 knots and many surfaced acimados 10 knots. Wonderful!

In these four days we sailed with a wave between the 2 and 3 meters to come by the stern. An unpleasant wave with some more reckless ones who remembered to get on board and wash the cockpit, as well as the sailor who was on watch.

With the approach of Cape Verde increased the number of flying fish. They looked like flocks of birds flying in front of the boat. I think they should get away from the dolphins that followed. As they always came to visit and play on the bow of Lolita.

m golfinhos

The arrival to Mindelo was very windy, in the channel between the Island of São Vicente and Santo Antão the winds rose to the 30 knots.




By the 14 hours of November 3 we were moored at the Marina of Mindelo, all well with the crew and the boat, thanks to a cohesive, professional and committed group. Thank you crew.

As tradition dictates we drink the first beer of the arrival and the trip, because to sail there is no alcohol. It is the best beer in the world this the one of the arrival, as well as the shower that follows.


We checked in and Monday we will do the entrance formalities in Cape Verde, the customs authorities do not work at the weekend. This did not stop us from having complete freedom of movement in the city.

Now follow the cleanings after 6 days of sea and the necessary maintenance for the next leg.
With the treated Lolita we will know next…


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