Portimão – Dacia Bank – Las Palmas

Our stay in Portimão was quiet. The crew was arriving.
The first was Ted and the next day Javier, Javi.

The passage of Hurricane Leslie through Portugal forced us to delay our departure.


Keeping the crew busy is a priority and we have been doing maintenance work that is always needed on a sailboat.


Not missing the opportunity to get to know the village.

And also get to know each other better as a group.

October 14 finally the weather window to leave, supply the fuel Lolita and set sail.


The anxiety to start sailing was great.

The departure of Portimão was quiet, we knew that we were expecting some wind and waves, still consequences of the recent hurricane that still wreaked havoc in the north of Portugal.

We left motivated for a sailing that we knew would be muscled.


A route was established.
Together with our friend João Costa.
João Costa (Capitão Vingança – Jeff), an experienced navigator and meteorologist, has been our land man who follow us and has worked as a true guardian angel, always present and tireless with precious information via Iridium, both meteo and a routings  according the daily meteorological changes. Take a look at is site.

Thanks Jeff!

We left!


The initial route pointed to a direct line to Las Palmas in the Canaries Islands.

We left at 15:00 with 22 knots of wind from N and swell. Given the conditions and what was to come, we opted for a more conservative set of sails and went jib and a first reef on the main.
Later we confirmed that it was an excellent option.
During the night the wind and the waves increased. The wind rolled turned southwest, which forced us to make a correction on the route and pointed to the Moroccan coast. The second reef came in the main, the wave became bigger and the interior of the boat went into poltergeist mode, the drawers and everything that is loose gains its own life and begins to fly.
Javi released the child who lives in him and began to play the puzzles, fixing silverware scattered on the floor lol


On the evening of the 17th we boarded two waves in the cockpit at the location marked on the chart. Nothing abnormal in a navigation like this.
However those wave have a explanation!

Captura de ecrã 2018-10-23, às 12.18.54.png

Observed the underwater topography, we were passing by the Bank of Dacia, it is an underwater mountain. In a distant of 8 nm the depth passes 3,000 meters to 23 meters … A mountain with 2,977 meters WOW


It is this topography change who causes the strong undulation that is felt in the area.
Jeff put us in a detour on the route to avoid further rippling which was excellent and avoided more difficulties.

The crew waiting for more waves lolololol


Little by little life on board goes into its routine between the watch, rest, cooking, maintenance and verifications.


We arrived in Spain!


As always excellent scenery of sunrise and sunset. Too bad I can not show how beautiful the starry sky is in the sea.


At 4:30 p.m. on the 19th we enter the marina of Las Palmas with 691 mn covered and without any problem with the crew and the boat. A success 🙂


Now the cleaning after 4 days at sea and waiting for the remaining crew members.
See you soon.

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