Sines to Portimão

The wind insisted on not coming. I spent a couple more days in Sines waiting for a window.

Finally Saturday, 6, I left at the end of the day, 7:00 p.m.
It was a beautiful end of the day and I left Sines behind.


It was a quiet journey and I was presented with wonderful sunset.


The navigation was quiet and I ended up doing another test to the watermaker who worked perfectly.


After a quiet dinner the sailing was excellent.


However, by 02:00 on Sunday the wind began to grow and suddenly someone opened the door and in half an hour I went to 35 knots with 40 gust.
Alone, I need work quickly, rolling the genoa and mount the storm jib.
Then the most difficult, reef the mainsail. It was not easy the wave have grew above 4 meters and two of them entered on the cockpit.
During the reef of the main the autopilot shuffled and hung up I having to get back on the rudder to return the route.
I stabilized the boat and continued our journey sailing at 10/12 knots.
The sky was starry and beautiful, a stark contrast to what I lived on board ….

In the comfort of the cabin and at the command post. Grid help from my silent crewman, the NKE autopilot.


After passing Cabo São Vicente the wave calmed and the wind come down to the 20 knots.

Already on the Algarve coast the sunrise has beautiful with a moon to marking presence.


Arrival to Portimão was quiet.

Finally at the marina, it was time to clean the boat and assess what is broken. A battery out of place and the lazy bag ripped. Nothing serious and in repair.


Now I am waiting for my crew to the next leg to Canarias.

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